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Warner Gothard Postcards For Sale

You will find a selection of Warner gothard postcards for sale on this page. Collecting Warner Gothard disasters and events postcards can be extremely rewarding and their uniqueness has captured the imagination of many collectors over the years. The reason for their popularity is completely understandable.

Each postcard tells a story of an incident or special occasion around 100-years ago in a revolutionary way by text and images entwined together to make a montage postcard that is simply a work of art in it's own right.

A standard photographer of the day would take a series of photographs of an event and choose the best ones to publish as postcards. This would normally be one view for each postcard with a simple caption confirming the event.

The Warner Gothard photographic studio decided to take things to a completely new level. They took the time to add multiple images of the event onto one postcard. Portraits of the people involved, general views of the location and informative text so the whole story could be told.

These special postcards were very popular with the buying public who used to keep them as souvenirs of the event which would explain the reason why so many are unposted. Warner Gothard montage postcards are just as popular today with private collectors, local and social historians.

Pleae find below a selection of Warner Gothard events and disaster postcards for sale. These are scarce examples and not the common ones that surface quite frequently. When you see a rare Gothard for sale you have two things to consider. When was the last time you saw that postcard for sale and how long you may have to wait until you find another example? Tha's the conundrum for all Warner Gothard collectors.


Duke of Devonshire Death/Funeral
24th - 28th March 1908
(b) Edensor Church Interior (H)

Condition: Large diagonal crease bottom left.
Small corner crease bottom left.

Price: SOLD




West Stanley, County Durham, Colliery Explosion
16th February 1909
(e) Pictures of All Those Who Lost Their Lives (V)

Condition: Diagonal line top right.
Small corner crease top right.

Price: SOLD


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